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Friday, July 25, 2008

The People of Sabah

The people of Sabah comprises several ethnic groups. Among them are the Kadazandusun, Bajau, Murut, Kedaya, Bisaya, Irranun, Rungus, Kimarang, Kwijau, Lundayeh, Ubian, Binadan, Orang Sungai, Tatana, Tagaas, Brunei, Suluk and others.

The most notable difference among the various ethnic groups are their dialects, religions, customs, and way of life which includes their traditional costumes.

The use of traditional costumes can be seen from two periods of time, that is the classical and modern periods. In the classical period, traditional costumes were worn during rituals, weddings as well as daily wear. In modern times, traditional costumes are only worn at special occasions like weddings and traditional functions.

Most ethnic groups in Sabah use black as the dominant colour of their traditional costumes. The use of black stems from the belief that black is a godly colour and represents power that will protect the user from the bad spirits. Other beliefs state that the use of black is synonymous with the way of life and natural conditions at that particular time.


The recent creation of the Tun Mustapha Park (TMP) in the northern waters of Sabah, Malaysia has brought up the need for understanding the coral reef fisheries system in Pulau Banggi, for which there has been no previous documentation. This study draws upon field data collected in June and August 2004 to accomplish two things, namely, to build a profile of the ecological and socio-economic aspects of Pulau Banggi's reef fisheries, and undertake a preliminary assessment of the status of these fisheries. This research is important because it provides information that will help managers develop policies for the long-term ecological and socio-economic sustainability of Pulau Banggi's reef fisheries.

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Malaysia has been mentioned as one the best 9 countries in the world to visit during the year 2008 by Lonely Planet. Sabah, the darling of Malaysia, has a wealth of Nature Paradise to offer to the travellers.

Tropical jungle, wild animals, nature beauty, white sandy beaches, diving paradise, sport adventure, enchanting seafood, friendly people: these are the main attractions that draw travellers from all around the world to this beautiful land called Sabah, also known as the Land Below The Wind.

Located at latitude N 4° to 7° and longtitude E 115° to 117°, Sabah has a tropical climate which means summer all year round. The seasons here is government by the monsoons. Sabah is an eco-treasures paradise from mountain high to deep ocean, and couple with the relaxing pace of its people, probably is the best place in Asia to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.